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Model jobs in Dusseldorf

What expects you with the Model Agency Dusseldorf?

In order to give you a small insight into the remits of a model, promoter or fair hostess, we composed a short overview over what comes up to you in the different hostess and model jobs:

Catwalk model:

As a catwalk model, as the term already suggests, fashion is presented on the runway. Way of walking and expression are therefore occasionally the most important characteristics, a model should possess. In every model agency, the runway is the supreme discipline.

Fair hostess / hostess:

Hostess at a job in DusseldorfFirst of all: We are no escort agency and neither, mediate jobs of this kind.

As a fair hostess, no job is alike and the diversity is huge. The profession of a fair hostess established at all fairs and events and is meanwhile a must for every exhibitor.

The areas of activity of a hostess reach by now from catering, promotion, modeling, information output and walking acts up to professional trainings or sales advice.


Strictly speaking, a promoter is a form of fair hostess. Thereby, we classify the promoters in two categories.
1.    The overt advertising e. g. in the city centre with a small booth for product / service information of potential customers and eventual promotional actions like lotteries or mobile with flyers.
2.    The promoters with schooled know-how, who do not only perform product presentation but also participate actively in the sales and are optimally instructed for the particular subject.