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Influencer Marketing Agency Düsseldorf

Influencer Marketing Agency Düsseldorf

Career aspiration? Influencer! Where older generations may still shake their heads in question, the phenomenon of "influencers" has been a familiar term for a few years now, especially among generations Y and Z. The fact is, the new marketing concept is catching on! The fact is, the new marketing concept is working! - Studies show that social media strategists have a strong influence on purchasing decisions - and not only those with millions of followers! That's why we are now also there for you as an influencer marketing agency in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area and bring you together with promising influencers who represent your company in the best possible way!

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Why do brands need influencer relations?

But why should you as an entrepreneur deal with the topic of influencer relations at all? It's simple: both start-ups and established brand giants often find it difficult to reach their target group efficiently and exploit their potential to the full. In our advertising-saturated society, marketers have to constantly drive new strategies to stand out from the competition. Today, it is no longer enough to put up a poster in Düsseldorf's city railway.

Meanwhile, in a 2016 Statista survey, 50% of respondents aged 14 to 19 said they had made at least one purchase in the last year based on a recommendation from a social media influencer - and the trend has only increased since then.


Where can I find the right influencer for marketing in Düsseldorf?


So what are you waiting for? Book influencers now and overshadow the competition!

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How do I become an influencer in Düsseldorf?

Influencer männlich Düsseldorf

The career aspiration of becoming an influencer should therefore no longer simply be laughed at these days - the prospects for the future are good! But how do I become an influencer in Düsseldorf? 
If you have a strong community that supports you and follows your channel closely, then you already have the most important prerequisites. If you also like testing new products and services and fancy a lucrative part-time job, then you should definitely apply to become an influencer with us!

As an influencer marketing agency in Düsseldorf, we give you the opportunity to turn your hobby into a job and put you in touch with companies that share your passion.

Become an Influencer now and present new and innovative products to the community. Apply now - for Düsseldorf and the whole of Germany!

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When do you become an influencer?