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Career aspiration? Influencer! Where older people might shake their heads questioningly, ‘influencer’ nowadays is a common term to generation Y and Z. Fact is, the new marketing concept works! – Studies show that social media strategists have a huge impact on buying decisions – and not just those with millions of followers! That is why we support you as an influencer marketing agency in Dusseldorf and the surrounding area from now on and bring you together with promising influencers who represent your company perfectly!

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Why do brands need influencer relations?

But why should you, as an entrepreneur, even deal with the topic of influencer relations? Both start-up companies and established brands often find it difficult to reach their target group efficiently and to fully exploit their potential. In our advertising-flooded society, marketers need to try new strategies to stand out from the competition.

Meanwhile in a Statista survey in 2016, 50% of respondents aged 14 to 19 already reported having made at least one purchase during the last 12 months because of some influencer’s recommendation.


What is influencer marketing?

- With our help you will find matching influencers for your company in Dusseldorf -

But let's start again - what is influencer marketing? Following this strategy, companies and influencers work together and both benefit from the cooperation. The company provides its social media partner services or products from their own range free of charge. The products are nicely wrapped and sent by post. In return, the influencer integrates the experiences and products in his content. For example, a YouTuber can create a so-called unpacking video or test the product live in front of the camera, while Instagram influencers showcase their products in a photo or in a story – creativity has no limit here!

Our influencers keep finding new ideas to advertise your products and services. Send us your reuqest for a promising cooperation!

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What should generally be considered in influencer marketing?

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Influencer marketing thus seems to be THE win-win situation for both your company in Dusseldorf and its surroundings and your social media partner. Nevertheless, there are some things to keep in mind. As an important note beforehand: Section 5a of the Law against unfair competition also applies to influencer marketing! – Although logically forbidden, there is a lot of surreptitious advertising on Facebook & Co., which usually leads to legal consequences.

Besides the legal provisions, companies should be careful choosing their influencers, because the right influencer can sell well to his followers, even if labeled as advertisement. However, not every influencer fits every company! In addition to a strong presence and community, it is important that the influencer fits thematically and style-wise to the company. Because authenticity is the alpha and omega! In general, people in the public are often assumed to not be authentic – even if it is only because their opinion on a topic has changed during the last 15 years. If similar inconsistencies occur during product placement, the community often punishes them severely.


Where do I find the right influencer for marketing in Dusseldorf?



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How do I become an influencer in Dusseldorf?

How do I become an influencer now? If you have a strong community that supports you and attentively follows your channel, then you already meet the most important requirements. If you also like to test new products and services and if you are in the mood for a side job, then you should definitely apply to us as an influencer!

As an influencer marketing agency Dusseldorf we’ll give you the opportunity to turn your hobby into profession and make contact for you with companies that share your passion.

Start as an influencer for Dusseldorf and whole Germany and always introduce new and innovative products to your community. Apply now!

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